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How Solar Panels Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Sep 20, 2022

For new homeowners or those who are looking to renovate their homes, there’s no better way to ensure your home saves you tons of money than by installing solar panels. Solar panels placed on homes have the potential to save you thousands of dollars throughout their use. From saving on energy bills to helping you save the environment, solar energy is one of the best innovations on the planet today!

Below are some of the many ways solar panels can help improve home energy efficiency to benefit the planet as well as your wallet.

Harness the Power of the Sun

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an estimated one in seven homes in the U.S. will have a rooftop solar PV system by 2030. This is good news for those who want to save the Earth and reduce energy waste. Solar energy is getting more and more popular, especially for people who once lived in areas where energy bills would skyrocket during the summer months.

That’s because, during the summer, people need to use their air conditioning systems more often and at full blast. However, solar energy, as the name suggests, is powered by heat from the sun. When the sun hits the solar panels located on the top of the roof of a home, this energy is stored in PV cells.

When activated, these PV cells will send that energy in the form of electrical signals for it to be used to help power the home. This works for the benefit of homeowners that live in some of the hottest weather conditions in the United States. Having solar energy can help power a home and produce energy, lowering energy costs instead of increasing them.

Work With Your Home's Size

Solar panels come in different sizes and different wattages. These wattages can range between 150 and 370 watts for every panel used. If you have a larger-sized home, you can purchase more solar panels to accommodate your daily usage. In addition, if you live in a smaller home or don’t use as much power in your house, you can also purchase solar panels designed to help support your home’s specific energy usage.

By being available in different sizes and wattages, you can rest assured you’re using the right number of panels to help support your home’s energy usage. Solar energy is flexible enough to have different configurations for every home, and it’s also flexible enough to improve your home’s energy bills and energy efficiency.

Continue to Use Clean Energy

Did you know solar panels use the power of the sun indefinitely? This means they can continue to use the power of the sun for as long as it continues to shine onto the panels. So, instead of paying for coal and fossil fuels that traditionally power electricity, homeowners can use the power of the sun year-round so long as the solar panels continue to operate. Not only is this good for your wallet but it also translates to resale value for the home. If you ever want to sell your home, having solar panels is a huge plus!

Because traditional electricity is also powered by fossil fuels, solar panels are better for the environment and your home’s efficiency. Solar energy will continue to be used for years to come, while fossil fuels like coal will one day become unavailable. This is because fossil fuels are considered a finite resource. For people that want to help save the planet from increased greenhouse emissions and global warming, solar panels are one of the best ways to do so.

Savings in the Winter

Any homeowner can install solar panels onto the home, and they can save money on energy costs even during the winter months. That’s because solar panels can continue to harness the power of light and the sun, even in cloudy conditions. While solar panels might generate less power in cloudy conditions, they’ll still be able to absorb some of the sun’s rays, which means you can continue to see savings during the winter. This is good news for homeowners who live in colder climates.

If you’re interested in investing in solar panels for your home, make sure you contact today to schedule an installation soon. We’d be happy to walk you through the savings solar panels can give you.