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Solar Installation: We can design and install the best system for your needs.


We design & build custom ground mounts and “tilts” on North roof-tops.


We design & install Critical Load & Whole house battery backup & Generator System


We also specialize in integrated backup generator systems. 


We can have your system designed and installed quickly, with an exceptional customer service experience that lasts long after your project is complete. 


We have a strong background in solar technical services, onsite or offsite. Because of this, our customers have a clear advantage when they choose us to design and install their system. There’s no problem we can’t fix quickly, efficiently, and usually at no cost to our solar customers. 

Best Solar Panels & Batteries

We offer only the highest quality and reliable products on the market.

These solar panel systems have monitoring portals you can see on the internet. You can log in to see how your system is producing and storing power. We can sign in (online) and often times do much more, such as correcting technical issues without a site visit. Often before you even realized there’s an issue, it’s fixed.

Is now a good time to get solar?

Consider this: Utility companies are raising their prices each year. You can stop this inflation by producing your own clean power from the sun. The panels we offer are secured by industry leading 25-year performance guarantees. However, solar panels will continue producing power long after 25-years. The reality is that this investment can pay you dividends for a lifetime. You can also take advantage of financing and solar tax credits if you act soon.

Financing Solar Panels

We can help you finance solar panels in California. We offer Zero-Down low-interest loans with immediate cash-flow so you can save money from day one (usually 25%-60% throughout the loan term, depending on the size of the system). If you pay cash, we can analyze when you can expect to recoup 100% return on your investment (usually 5-7 years, or about 10 years with battery back-up).

California Solar Tax Credit

Californians can get federal tax credits to help pay for the cost of solar panels

Don’t forget about the Federal Tax Credit, which is 26% of your total project cost.
This credit nearly expired the end of 2020, however was renewed through 2022. In 2023 it will drop to 22%, and is set to expire the year after that. The solar tax credit was 30% in 2019, so as you can see, there is a benefit to taking advantage of this credit sooner rather than later. 

For these reasons and more, there’s no better time to get solar than right now.

We are a family owned and operated business. The name says it all. We have a great team of dedicated people that truly care about others. We are not going anywhere and look forward to serving our neighbors for many years to come. 

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